Blaine County Sheriff – Oklahoma

Our Goals

  • Create a website that allows the Sheriff’s Office to better communicate with the residents of Blaine County.
  • Allow access to an inmate roster connected to the Sheriff’s Office Jail Management System. Providing this information to the public will reduce the calls coming into the jail.
  • Create a news portal for the public and media to access information about crime and events that happen in Blaine County.
  • Provide access to the public of the county’s most wanted individuals. This will help the county utilize the assistance of the public to help apprehend wanted individuals in the Blaine County area.
  • Easy access to current information on Sheriff Sales to the public. Currently, the residents call into the office or reference unreliable information provided by third parties.
  • Provide information and guidelines for jail visitation, commissary, as well as contact information to the jail.

Check back soon for an update as we are currently in the process of building the website.

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