2019 OKSA Summer Conference

August 10th, 2019

This year was our first time attending the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Conference. We had a warm welcome from the Oklahoma Sheriffs, staff, and the OKSA staff. It was so nice to get to meet everyone.

During the conference, we learned more about the main concerns and challenges the sheriff offices are experiencing and have already started planning ways we can assist with some of these issues.

We were also able to make connections with other vendors that provide services for the Sheriffs of Oklahoma. Through these relationships, we hope to improve how we can integrate these services for the offices we work within the state.

During the conference, we gave away a 3 Yeti Tumblers personalized with the Sheriff’s badge and name of the winner. We have had a chance to notify the winners and have sent most of the cups to the engraver.

Congrats to our winners.

Sheriff Rob Seale – LeFlore County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Jason Ritchie – Adair County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Kevin Mitchell – Woodward County Sheriff’s Office

We also gave a little back with a giveaway for a discount on a website for the department of the winner. We do not believe our winners were an accident, as our winners do not currently have a website for their department.

Our winners were

  • Stephens County Sheriff’s Office
  • Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office
  • Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office

We were delighted that we were able to help some of the smaller counties with extremely limited budgets with a little help on a website for their office.

We look forward to making the OK Sheriff’s Association Summer Conference a tradition here at Lighthouse.

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